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For all the music lovers out there, Hamilton is an all American musical which will be enjoyed thoroughly. It is inspired by the biography and details of the founding father of America Alexander Hamilton which was depicted by Ron Cherrow in 2004. It has received critical acclaim from the critics all over the globe and is loved by the music lovers for its all American diversity. The entire act is filled with American references, history, struggles, etc. sung in the form of rap, hip hop, pop, R&B, and many other musical forms and genres. Lin-Manuel Miranda is the one who gave book, music, and lyrics to the entire musical. The musical made its debut on 2015 February at the public theatre which is not part of Broadway. And in 2015 August the show was taken to Broadway at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, where it received some of the best and greatest ovations and acclaims. One can buy Hamilton Broadway Tickets to learn more.

Story of Hamilton

The musical is entirely divided into two acts in both of which the life of Alexander Hamilton is described beautifully in much detail and pomp along with big and small details of America's history. It involves many known and important characters who played a crucial role in Hamilton’s life and America's growth like Aaron Burr, Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, Schuyler Hamilton, Philip Hamilton, Peggy Schuyler, Angelica Hamilton, John Laurens, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

Act 1. of the musical is all about when Hamilton comes to New York in the year 1776 and meets Burr, Lafayette, Laurens, Mulligan, etc. and impresses them. After this, the Schuyler sisters are introduced in the Act after which Hamilton also disagrees with the Seabury's warnings against Congress. Later, Hamilton joins the George Washington’s campaign as the right-hand man during the New Jersey and New York campaign. After this Hamilton marries Elizabeth Schuyler and gets congratulated by everyone. After this Washington chooses Charles Lee for commanding the continental army but gets fired later. Lee then challenges Washington but Washington stops Hamilton to engage. Later Burr duels with Lee and Lee yields, but Washington suspends Hamilton. Later in the Act, Yorktown siege is won and Washington is elected as president.

In Act 2, the political story of America is showcased along with many personal debates and struggles of Hamilton's life where he loses his son, gets separated with wife and again reconciles. After he endorses Jefferson as the third President of the USA, Burr goes against him and challenges him to a duel. Hamilton gets killed, but Burr realizes he will always be the one to be known as the villain in the story.

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Hamilton Current Tour and Shows

Hamilton in American musical history has done some of the best tours all across the US with some great shows to account for. After the immense success at first national tour in 2017 and second tour in 2018, one can enjoy this breathtaking and impressive musical at their third national tour, which has commenced from 2020January and is featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda in the role of Alexander Hamilton.

Some of the upcoming shows of Hamilton theatre tickets where one can buy are in the city of Chicago at CIBC Theatre, San Francisco at Orpheum Theatre, New York at Richard Rodger Theatre, Oklahoma City at Thelma Gaylord music hall in 16th, 17th, 18th August. One can catch the show by buying cheap Hamilton tickets Chicago as quickly as possible to make sure that one does not miss this entertaining and perfectly directed masterpiece.

Why watch Hamilton Broadway Show?

If one is still wondering why one should get their tickets to watch the next Hamilton showcase at Broadway then some of the reasons are:

  1. Acting: Watching Hamilton-in American musical is a show that one will remember for a long time not only because the musical is done beautifully but because the characters and artists portrayed each and everything with high adeptness.
  2. Learn history: One can also learn a lot about the American history is an entertaining way which will increase one's knowledge about a certain period of the American foundation and the people who played a big part in it as well. One can learn about political dilemmas, character faults and strengths and about their personal stories.
  3. Energetic music: The musical is also quite fast-paced with beats and energetic flow of music keeping it uplifting and interesting from the start to the end. The entire show showcases the rap and hip hop in the mid of all making the upbeat energy sky-high.
  4. Awards and nominations: The musical is also highly acclaimed with many nominations and awards like Grammy award, Pulitzer and Tony award in 11 categories to add to its award kitty. It is one of the mainstream hits of Broadway and thus watching it once is a wise decision.

Hamilton is not just a musical, but an experience that one can enjoy after one buy Hamilton Tickets Chicago that will not only take one on a musical ride with hip hop and rap but will also teach much about the American struggles and people who were involved then in making America as it is now.