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Boxing has such a rich history. In 1921the national boxing, the association was established. It dealt with sanctioning boxing title fights. At the time, John L. Sullivan was the existing world heavyweight champ of the 20th century. The champion was later defeated by one James Corbett in 1892. James at the time went by the name the Father of Modern Boxing due to his scientific innovation in boxing. This boxing fighter was the first ever Black American Boxing Heavy Weight Champion.

In the late 60s and early 70s, the image of the African American role in boxing was significantly changed with the incarnation of Muhammad Ali, The World’s Greatest. The fighter embraced racial pride and as a remarkable sign, he refused to join the army during the Vietnam War.

First forward, today we have iconic boxing fighters that we like watching them square out. We even place bets on their action-packed fights. Also today, we have iconic boxing fighters such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Benard Hopkins, Joe Frazier, and much more.

We all love watching boxing tournaments live. As much as we like being part of the fans, few things such as lack of tickets pin us down. Busy schedules also play a role since most people don’t get time to drive to their local ticket retail shop to purchase one. Here is where Tix Bag comes in.

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