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Did it cross your mind that the winners of both men and women are now $3.8 million richer from the games they played in 2016/17. This is an increase from the previous year‘s $100, 000 in 2015. Sometimes being rich comes in just a few minutes of tennis play. If you are not an Ethiopian or Kenyan runner, the minute of fame is only a minutes away.

Why you should watch sports Live

There are many benefits of watching tennis sports live. Other than it enhancing your family bonds especially when watching together, there are multiple benefits. For instance did you know that it encourages people to do stuff in team work? It encourages you to do your best despite your current insufficient vigor. In life it is good to know how to loose and sometimes know how to win. Watching tennis inculcates that in your mind, just like playing martial art games or being in the army. It encourages you to do your best and above all it encouraging you to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

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