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According to a research by Statista, a survey company, NBA in America generates over $7 million in revenue every season. This is equivalent to approximately $2454 million per team in the year 2016 to 2018. The Golden States Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and The New York Knicks alone generate up to $300 million annual revenue. The rest but team Philadelphia 76ers and Milwaukee Bucks generated over $200 million in 2016 to 17.

Health benefits of Playing Basketball

Advantages of playing basketball are vast. People who play the game have several health benefits such as having their cardiovascular health enhanced, their bone strength built, self-discipline and concentration among others. When you play basketball, you burn a lot of calories; it boosts your immune system, boosts your stamina, mental development, and helps the player in coordination as well as motor skills.

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Benefit of Booking Your Basketball Ticket from Us

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