Who has the best ticket prices for concerts?

  • Posted on: 09 Jul 2024
    Who has the best ticket prices for concerts?

  • Unlock the Secrets of the Best Concert Ticket Prices

    It is a fact that the ticket prices to watch live concerts have been hiked up to disturbing levels today with some of the popular singers demanding as much as $ 500 for a single ticket. When it comes to music lovers, the ability to buy cheap tickets would help the fans see live performances of their favorite musicians. The most important things that one should not overlook when in the process of searching for cheap concert tickets include the following.

    Secondary Ticket Sites

    StubHub and Vivid Seats are classified as the second market, or second ticket marketplace, which means that the platform is not a seller of tickets, but a platform that brings together buyers and sellers of tickets. The advantage of these sites is the opportunities for choice - you can come across tickets to all the most popular concerts or performances, and if the sellers want to get rid of them quickly, you can even get a real bargain at that. The danger is that there exists no guarantee to the authenticity of tickets that one might purchase and they might end up with fake or invalid tickets. When buying products make sure you look at the sellers’ credentials very carefully.

    Ticket Presales

    Most artists and event locations release the tickets earlier for their own circle before the public gets a chance to do so. These presales often come with the conditions that the buyer needs to be a member of a fan club, on an email list, or in possession of a code. If for instance, you are aware that a show you wish to attend is likely to be presold, then enroll for the email list of the show and be ready to make your purchase when the preselling begins. This can enable you to be the first to choose your preferred seats before they run out or before ‘con artists’ waylay you. Wait until the morning and you will be the first to get the worms!

    Band and Venue Websites

    Therefore, to acquire tickets, it is advisable to check the band’s or venue’s official website before any ticket hits the market. Numerous artists desire to be able to sell the tickets at reasonable prices to their loyal fans as opposed to having fake ticket hawkers purchase all the tickets and sell them at exorbitant rates. You should also look for presales on their website and tickets before the actual on-sale date to save a lot of money. Some also have offers such as you get a free CD with the ticket price of your favorite artist or group’s concert. Stakeholders also provide the tickets on their sites to avoid service charges which are usually included in the ticket prices.

    Memberships and Subscriptions

    Some clubs, magazines, or even specific credit cards offer certain access to ticket presales and reduced prices. The Amazon Prime members can also purchase tickets ahead of everyone else for approximately 30 minutes for concerts and shows. Signing up for accounts to companies such as Spotify put you on several mailing list for presale codes and deals. The Citi card is a credit card that offers cardholders privilege to access to presales through Citi Entertainment. Make use of the benefits of any memberships you already possess for the best ticket offers.

    Weekday Shows

    avoiding going out on glamorous nights like Friday or Saturday and opting for mid or early week shows can help cut costs. As for concerts, it is easier to attract audience on weekdays rather than on weekends and the base ticket price will also be cheaper. It is possible to see a concert of your choice if you are flexible with your time in terms of the day of the week, Tuesday or Wednesday night concert can be cheaper by $20 and more compared to concerts on the weekend. However, it also allows you to have a good reason to go wild in the middle of the week!

    Lotteries and Giveaways

    I know that there are lotteries and giveaways to enter ticket lotteries and if you have more time than money it can sometimes get you very cheap seats or even free ones. There are common telephone call contests where listeners are asked to be present at a radio station at a given time to win ticket prizes for hot concerts. They will also send tickets by lotto to their fan club members or to those who subscribe to their band’s email list for free. Of course, one cannot rely on the result of these games of chance, but it is helpful if the money is scarce or in other words if the flow of money is low. Well, who doesn’t love anything for free, right?

    The Nosebleeds

    Alas, it’s finding your comfort in sitting up in the rafter seats or what is endearingly referred to as ‘the nosebleed section’, and though people may complain about this section, it has got to be one of the most affordable sections to sit in when it comes to tickets. If one is not averse to sitting right at the back of the big arenas and amphitheaters, costs can be kept to a bare minimum by purchasing the cheap tickets. You may need a binocular to watch the band but when you do not have to sell the car or take an expensive loan just to buy the tickets it is well worth it. As long as you do not sit in the behind-the-stage area, basically it is okay because gazing at the butts of the singers is not entertaining at all.

    The next time your favorite singer or your band of choice is scheduled to perform in town, do not rush to make the purchase of a ticket at an extremely steep price. Presales, memberships perks, and off-peak nights will let you knock out the hunting part and save enough money for parking, t-shirts, and those $14 beers at an arena concert. So go out there and rock on without running yourself financially bankrupt.