Where is the best place to buy concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 03 Jul 2024
    Where is the best place to buy concert tickets?

  • What is the Most Convenient Location for Purchasing Concerts Tickets?

    Attending concerts is undoubtedly among the most rewarding experiences that people who love music have. Concert goers enjoy dancing to the tunes of their favorite music artists, especially when these performers are live on stage. Therefore, obtaining tickets and setting up for great live performances is quite a daunting and costly affair. But given all the various possibilities of how it is now possible to get tickets, it does sometimes seem that the real challenge is figuring out where to begin the search. Below is a breakdown of the various advantages and disadvantages of buying concert tickets from the most common sources to aid in the decision making process.

    From the original source, directly from the artist or the venue

    Procure: Some of them have their own web-based platforms through which they can sell tickets to their performances. This should in fact be the best way to acquire tickets, as you will be dealing directly with the source, and this means no added costs. But the truth remains that an artist’s own site cannot cope with the traffic that comes with going on sale for the first time. Websites get jammed and tickets can go on sale and be sold out even before fans get an opportunity to join an online queue. Trying to refresh the page multiple times with the hope of getting the much-needed tickets may be a time consuming and futile exercise. However, if you do manage to secure tickets through this method, then you will not be charged the additional costs of the middlemen as are charged by other online sites.

    Verdict: It is good if you try as soon as the ticket is up for sale since they may not have a constant supply of tickets. Be prepared through an agent using a different vendor.


    Procure: Ticketmaster is a ticketing giant that has the first right to sell tickets for many venues and artists throughout the United States. They provide some easily available services, such as, early access of sales for the people who are members of the fan club and there are waiting lines in some cases when there is heavy traffic expected on the site. However, due to their control of most seating areas, Ticketmaster can set and collect high fees that often top over 30% of the face value costs. Their offerings of platinum seats and other services also come with a number of ambiguous prices that can make it difficult to know whether a consumer is overpaying or not.

    Verdict: Tools are available for some programs and places but their charges are hefty; hence, you should always compare their charges before buying.


    Procure: FanSnap is the official ticket resale/sub-selling site for StubHub, where fans can transfer more tickets. Since the major role of such platforms is to sell gadgets that have already been used by someone else, prices are higher than face value. However, they sell valid tickets as they provide assurance of the authenticity of the tickets they sell through their FanProtect program. StubHub is best used when the tickets on primary seller sites have already run out, as is the case with sell-out shows and most in-demand shows. They avail last-minute tickets and secure the difficult-to-get seating arrangements, which are however expensive. Yes, convenience comes with an added cost.

    Verdict: Still feasible only when you wish to buy the last item in a store and do not mind paying markup prices. First, assess their buyer guarantees.

    Vivid Seats

    Procure: Like StubHub, Vivid Seats is an online ticket marketplace where ticket brokers from fans offer other tickets, usually, at higher price than face value. Although they are often a bit cheaper, they do not always offer the best price compared to StubHub, so it is advisable to compare the prices from both websites. Like StubHub, Vivid Seats substantiates its consumer protection policy with a valid ticket guarantee and 125% money-back rewards program where there are issues. As for the other features, it is worth mentioning that the speed of their site is also fast and it is very easy to navigate.

    Verdict: Another secondary structure is more appropriate for sold out events. It is preferable to use it after comparing different outlets for better rates.

    ACE Tickets

    Procure: ACE Tickets is not just another online ticket marketplace; they sell tickets in the secondary market with slight differences. It is not a platform similar to an open marketplace of StubHub or Vivid Seats but rather a ticket broker company. Often, sales reps can help you with ideas where to sit during a particular event and regarding alterations in price concerning popular events. Their average fees are also generally lower than most secondary sites found in the Internet. It is costlier to hire their personal services, especially in getting sold-out tickets, but they can be of great assistance.

    Verdict: Ideal for getting personalized help and recommendations ranging from daily schedules to particular performances, though it will cost you.


    Procure: Quite surprisingly to many people out there, eBay has grown to become a reliable secondary market for event tickets among the many things that it offers for sale. Sellers are required by eBay to participate in the event ticket buyer guarantee program, where tickets undergo verification and the amount paid for the ticket is refunded in case of issues. You will need to pay far more than the face value for hot shows on this resale site but you will agree that this is common for any resale site if you are to get a last minute ticket. eBay buyer protections also offer the buyer more protection than a regular listing on the internet or the Craigslist site.

    Verdict: It is one of the legitimate paths for accessing tickets when all other options are exhausted, but again, it will come at a cost.


    Procure: It used to be that the west world of Craigslist could be a rather reckless place to acquire event tickets in particular, but this seems to have changed in the more recent years. They now exclude the listings of items that have been posted before the seller gets their hands on tickets. Location requirements and other mandatory changes, such as the price cap, have also helped lower scamming risks. However, do not expect it to be all rainbows and unicorns because it isn’t, so be careful. The recommendations that they give include the following; avoid meeting strangers in private places, ensure to check barcodes before paying, and avoid being shy when dealing with people after meeting them online. You can sometimes get a good deal from fans who have many tickets for a particular event, but don’t get caught in a bait that seems too good to be true.

    Verdict: This is the reason why using Craiglist to buy tickets is still very risky, even if there are very few protections available. Use only if you want to engage in some complicated business that you understand well.

    Artist Fan Clubs

    Procure: In most cases, if the artist hosting the concert has a formally constituted fan club, members are privileged to access tickets through presales compared to ordinary citizens. These typically provide real seats at predetermined costs instead of just a means to sell general admission. Meanwhile, it costs a certain amount of money to join the fan club but the fees are usually insignificant. The only catch is that you have to abide by the given sale rules and log on at the precise moment when the presale is due; In this way, your chances of obtaining tickets are quite high. However, what needs to be remembered is that fan club presales don’t get the ‘better’ or ‘premium’ seats, if there are any. Some of the regular tickets, premium front rows and VIP packages are reserved and sold at a later stage. Nonetheless, guaranteeing seats of any sort prior to the crowd is a fan club advantage that could prove useful.

    Verdict: However, one of the better options is to ensure tickets for the passionate fans who prepare and follow the presale measures.


    As explained in this overview, there is no single suitable site or method of purchasing concert tickets for each situation. Tickets from the venue and ticket selling companies such as Ticketmaster should be the first places fans visit when shows are scheduled. Fans should try to join the artists’ fan clubs when this is possible; this makes for early presales. Secondary resale sites are used when primary vendors have sold out and are needed for sought-after and sold-out events. In the situation where you are considering making your purchase on StubHub, VividSeats or ACE Tickets, it is advisable to compare buyer guarantees and protections offered by those companies. Do this if you are going to the wild west channels such as eBay or Craigslist, though they are also okay. In all types of source, it is recommended to create accounts and save payment information ahead ahead shows going on sale for immediate access before tickets go out! Well, yes, and I will tell how you can get an incredible opportunity to sit in the first rows, irrespective of what kind of battle you are going to have before the tickets sale with the other fans.