What's the cheapest day to buy concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 08 Jul 2024
    What's the cheapest day to buy concert tickets?

  • What is the day of the week that offers the least expensive concert tickets?

    A ticket to a concert can be costly, and depending on the band, venue, and location of the seat, a ticket may cost anything from $50-100 for a seat in the upper reaches of the hall to hundreds of dollars for a seat close to the stage or for seeing a band that has a lot of fans. Given the fact that a concert is an outing that could involve the purchase of tickets and other expenses like fees, parking, meals, beverages, and merchandise, it is easy to understand that any money-saving strategies on the tickets could translate to significant savings. However, the question that remains is, at what time is it most advisable to purchase concert tickets, especially the tickets that are the cheapest on the market?

    Here are some tips on scoring cheaper tickets.

    Buy Early

    Ideally, the closer to the point when concert tickets have been posted for sale, the higher the probability of getting standard seating at a basic ticket price before they are sold out or increase in the second-hand market. Normally, as soon as these tickets are on presale or on the general public sale, they start at low prices to encourage fans to purchase them early. These early bird ticket consumers benefit from getting access to seats before resellers purchase tickets, and they get a chance before listings become available.

    Join Fan Clubs

    Most important singers have their own official fan clubs, which give their participants an opportunity to purchase presale tickets before the rest of the population. What this means is that fan club members have a shot at purchasing the tickets at the actual original price, not the inflated resale price. It costs 10 USD to 40 USD per year to be a member of a fan club, but being able to buy tickets before others can easily compensate for the fee when attending an extremely popular concert.

    Check Presales

    Apart from fan club presales, there are sometimes presales through the artist’s official website, the venue, or the promoter. Sometimes it is possible to acquire a presale code so early buying of the tickets at a lower price is made possible. Presale tickets are also usually limited to a limited number; therefore, you have to be quick to grab a copy. However, getting the presale tickets before the general public does mean that those pressed for time can at least pay face value rather than succumbing to ticket scalping prices in the future.

    Be flexible on dates and cities.

    If you can, try to go to shows, preferably on weekdays or early in the week of the concert series. The last day of the tour and weekend tours in general are the most popular and costly for consumers. Additionally, check if the act is performed in two different venues within two consecutive days and the prices of the tickets at both venues. And sometimes you could save a good few hundred dollars just by choosing when to go to see a show in a different city on the tour.

    Buy Last Minute

    As is often the case with most events, the best chance of getting the best deal is when purchasing the tickets early, but there is also a second chance if the tickets depend on the event and are sold at the last minute. For instance, if an artist or a show is experiencing low ticket sales, then tickets for the concert may be cut down by half and released in the last few days before the show. This is often the case, especially for evening concerts during the weekdays. I guess it is also useful to know that if you go this route, you have to be ready to do some planning on the night as well.

    For a better and more unique experience, it is recommended to go for obstructed/limited-view seats.

    If you have no qualms about not getting to see a little of the action on the stage, the next best thing to get is an obstructed or limited view of the show They might be seated behind a pillar, or even at the very end of the side, these seats are cheaper than the other regular ones. This is rather a win-win for the fans because you still get to enjoy the music and energy for a lesser amount of money.

    Take the Low when Dynamic Pricing swings In

    With the current advancements in technology, most ticketing services offer what we refer to as dynamic pricing, whereby ticket prices are not fixed and may change with time due to factors such as demand. It also means that prices usually go in the opposite direction, with the lowest prices usually being offered prior to events nearing complete sell-out. But occasionally some lows reoccur for a short period of time for seats that have remained unsold for a while. You can even set alerts for price drops and look for better deals at the right time, such as during sales.

    When possible, do not pay a convenience fee Many merchants charge a convenience fee of up to $25 for processing credit card payments that would normally be free of charge.

    Also look at the convenience, handling, and order processing fees that are added to the prices of all tickets that are sold. These variable fees can be quite steep, and depending on the event or concert, they may easily add another 25% or more to the face value of the ticket. When purchasing tickets, read the fine print to try to find out if some sellers or selling outlets allow one to bypass the added charges. Sometimes, when you buy your tickets, you avoid going through Ticketmaster and other ticket-selling companies that charge extra fees when you purchase tickets from the venue directly at the box office.

    Check Resale Sites

    When the shows go live and tickets are gone from the primary ticket market, you will have to look for secondary markets such as StubHub or Vivid Seats. Resale sites can still present deals, however, if only one remembers to check price cuts, which sellers provide when the showtime is near and additional tickets are unsold. Organize resale listings from the lowest price to discover where one can buy seats that are still left for sale.

    Go General Admission

    If you do not have a lot of money to spend, but still, want to see one or another concert, turn your attention to the shows that have general admission standing-room tickets. If it is a general admission concert and the ticket is first come, first served, you may have to get there early just to get a good place to stand, but it is an entrance level to live music at a relatively low cost with the ticket price usually below fifty dollars. As for tickets, it is worth noting that a number of festival concerts, including mainstage performances, are typically categorized as standing-room only.

    In the coupon, use cashback and discount codes.

    When preparing to buy any concert tickets, make sure to check the cash back options and promo codes that are available to help you get a few extra bucks off the purchase. Certain rebate apps, like Retailmenot, Rakuten, or others, may contribute cash back on ticket purchases. Look for the venue and ticket seller's websites in the vicinity of the given date of the concert for any codes for additional discounts on some of the seats as well. Every penny counts when looking for cheap things to do, especially if it is simply going to see a show.

    But, hey, there is nothing like standing in front of the stage and singing along with your beloved band, having bought $10 last minute tickets, Well, a little planning goes a long way when it comes to finding concert deals. If you are able to buy your tickets in advance, check the special sale, be somewhat unattached to the event’s date, and look out for ticket price discounts, you can easily find cheap tickets to see live music. Which show will you set your eyes on next in light of using the above tips?