What's the best website to buy concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 08 Jul 2024
    What's the best website to buy concert tickets?

  • Trying to decide where to buy concert tickets?

    It can be rather challenging to purchase a concert ticket online since there are numerous ticketing companies and resale markets available. You want dependable chairs that you enjoy and that are reasonable in price without any nasty surprises in terms of costs. Now, here is the question that many people have: where is the best place to buy concert tickets? Here's a breakdown of the top options:Here's a breakdown of the top options:


    Ticketmaster controls more than a third of ticket sales and is affiliated with most venues and concert performers. They sell tickets directly as soon as the tickets are available for sales to the public or when the shows are on.


    Excellent stock of tickets with all the popular concerts and shows included.

    Original tickets obtained from the source either through the venue or the artist himself.

    A feature where you can explore the theaters with a detailed seat map and the view from various sections of the stage.

    Linking to the fan club and the artist presale for early booking


    High tariffs and rates that at times may even be prohibitive

    Ineffective when it comes to getting popular shows that cause the tickets to be sold out as soon as they are released.

    Concerns users have raised about sites crashing during flash sales


    Tixbag is a web-based marketplace where users can purchase or make available tickets for events. It seeks to ensure that the sale of tickets is safe and convenient to ensure that consumers do not receive faulty tickets. Here are some of the main pros and cons of using tixbag:Here are some of the main pros and cons of using tixbag:


    There is convenience which is an advantage because one can be able to buy or sell tickets to a particular event without having to go through ticket brokers or scalpers. Orders and payments can be done through electronic methods.

    Pricing – Like other ticket selling websites, prices for tickets that are sold on tixbag depend on the sellers, thus, there are more price fluctuations than other ticket broker sites. This is possible since there is free entry into the ticket market and, therefore, there are chances to acquire tickets at cheap and attractive prices.

    Safeguards customers – Tixbag allows buyers pay after the event and get charged only after they are fully satisfied with the experience. Sellers have to ensure they offer authentic tickets.


    No promises – tixbag differs from other ticket brokers in that it offers no guarantees or an established price list. It is important to understand that there is less redress available in the case of problems.

    Higher price – In most cases, the prices offered for tickets through the peer-to-peer network are higher than in the broker. Extra precautions are needed.

    Tixbag Fees – this is a form of charges that is levied on both the consumers and the seller. Other sites may charge differently; in fact, they may be free to use or have comparatively cheaper charges.


    StubHub is the world’s largest online ticket marketplace which is the ticket which fans need to resell because they cannot use them. Their stock has to do with what users are willing to part with but for a common show, there will be so many choices.


    Seating options available even for events that are fully booked or sold out.

    Sort available gigs by location, price, and other factors to identify the best seats to sit in.

    Money back guarantee in the case of tickets validity

    Ticket shows and promotions involving unused tickets, often made near the scheduled date of travel.


    It is important to note that prices of the products range drastically and basic fees, shipping charges introduce other expenses.

    Must take on faith that seller is an authentic ticketer

    Less ability in selecting the precise place on the seat.

    Vivid Seats

    As is the case with StubHub, Vivid Seats is a ticket resale platform where customers can find tickets from both retail and professional ticket sellers. They engage in security verification to ensure that the sellers are allowed to transact.


    All tickets listed are at least 150% valid by Vivid Seats

    There are many promotions and special offers: A loyalty rewards program which gives site credit towards future purchases.

    Select from “best value” to easily locate cheap meals and other food offers. fees

    Useful navigation of the spaces and places.


    As with any other resale site, prices can be a bit on the higher end.

    Possessing a number of units of inventory than some of its competitor firms


    SeatGeek is an innovative ticket search engine that compares price from several sources to offer the best ticket price of the concerts including the resale ones. 


    I wanted to compare the list of all the providers at one single place.

    Straightforward colour-coded deal score to easily identify where the best bargain can be had

    Sorting of results can be by the best deal or filter by certain features such as low fees.

    Generous refund policy


    Do not get to pick the specific listing/site of the seller

    Extra ordering procedure because they look for and guide you tickets

    Tips for Buying Tickets

    Concentrate on first tier ticket brokers first when performers are initially marketed because you will purchase the selected seats directly from you main brokers. Get registered with the accounts in advance and make sure to be logged in and prepared for searching when the items are on sale.

    While some of the shows become sold out, the resale sites could still offer great seats at reasonable cost, if the buyer is a little lucky while searching for the tickets. There is no need to scroll through each option, as you can sort the displayed flights by their ticket price or use price filters that include service fees to quickly find the best offer.

    Do not order tickets from private sellers on individual web-based classified advertising platforms because they are not reliable. Though there are fraud businesses as well, professional national resale markets are safer for buyers.

    Check the location of the seats you want to purchase using maps of the venue’s seats available online. Guarantees, delivery time and fees cannot be overlooked and each policy should be read carefully.

    Be part of ticket and price alerts to help you buy tickets at the last minute closer to the date of the event! Largest amount of ticket savings is observed in the final weeks before concerts, when sellers slashing prices for the remaining tickets.

    In this situation, it is helpful when websites clearly explain the process of ticket purchase and its cost with no hidden fees or tricks. However, the final chief hunting, however, remains the same, the intelligent searching, the sorting and finally the timely and befitting buying of the perfect seats.