What is the best ticket site?

  • Posted on: 08 Jul 2024
    What is the best ticket site?

  • Here’s what I will have to cover in order to find the best ticket site:

    Interested in purchasing a ticket for a specific concert, sporting event, or any other event? There are thousands of ticket sites and secondary market platforms available in the market, and therefore, it becomes challenging to determine which one can provide the most effective service, affordable rates, and a great shopping experience. It aims at giving a sneak peek into some of the current ticket sites in the market and comparing the uniqueness of each site briefly.


    Tixbag is a secondary marketplace for concert tickets, allowing fans to buy and sell tickets to other fans. This can be a good option for finding tickets to sold-out shows or specific seating options. However, it's important to be aware that resale prices can be significantly higher than face value. Be sure to research the going rate for tickets before you buy, and use a reputable platform like Tixbag with buyer protection guarantees for safe transactions.


    Another player to consider is StubHub, which is among the largest and most popular secondary ticket marketplaces. The site provides an avenue through which fans can purchase and dispose of tickets to different live entertainment performances in the United States and other parts of the globe. Some key things to know:Some key things to know:

    huge inventory. StubHub deals in tickets for concerts, theater shows, comedy shows, festivals, and major league sports; domestic & international events. In terms of the stock it can take, and the versatility of the products, there is no other site that tops its inventory.

    strong buyer guarantees. StubHub also has a FanProtect Guarantee, so if the buyer does not get valid tickets to the event, he or she will receive replacement tickets or a refund. This begets buyers important assurance or safety.

    high fees. Some of the additional charges that have been known to be higher than those of some of StubHub’s competitor sites include; Total fees for StubHub tend to be higher than 20% of the ticket cost. This can add a lot to the overall cost that you have to pay at the point of purchase.

    mobile app. For the convenience of clients who purchase tickets on smartphones, StubHub developed both iOS and Android applications, and the option to keep tickets on the electronic device or in the Apple wallet or Google Pay.

    Vivid Seats

    Vivid Seats falls under the category of a second market that deals with tickets at a competitive price. Here are some notable features:Here are some notable features:

    competitive pricing. While comparing the two online ticket marketplaces, it was found out that Vivid Seats usually charges a much lower service and shipping fee than StubHub. Vis-à-vis pricing, the site also provides a choice between value, balanced, or convenient prices.

    loyalty discounts. The more you purchase from Vivid Seats, you can qualify for a rewards program and receive a 5-20% discount on future purchases. Discounts are tiered, where the amount that a user spends on the application over a lifetime determines the rate of discount.

    buying guarantee. Like StubHub, Vivid Seats provides buyers with a 100% buyer guarantee in cases where the sellers or the tickets turn out to be fake.

    At the same time, it possesses less inventory of products as compared to StubHub. While sometimes less expensive, on the whole, there also seems to be a smaller supply for more specific events than StubHub. Consequently, limited storage may be available for small musicians, stand-up comedy shows, and so on.


    But of course, Ticketmaster is the primary ticket seller for most major concerts and live events. Here’s an overview:

    wider event availability. Since it deals with venues, leagues, and teams directly as its official partner, Ticketmaster is able to secure the best seats through its allocation. Consequently, it is popular for such events from celebrities, high-profile guests, or events that are most likely to end up as a sellout.

    Plentiful presales. Ticketmaster also greatly aids artist, venue, and fan club presales by providing some parties with the first chance at purchasing tickets. It is beneficial to ticket seekers, especially enthusiasts who wish to secure their tickets before others do.

    high fees. Customers complain often that the charges that Ticketmaster levies are high and can reach 25–30% of the total order amount. However, for ‘hot’ events, which are expected to generate huge interest in the market and thus likely to sell out within minutes, buyers may be willing to pay the high prices.

    primary prices only. Unlike resale sites, ticketmaster only sells at face value prices, which may be a goldmine if you get the chance for a popular event. However, less popular events may cost less on other platforms, and this is often the case with most events.


    What the Gametime mobile app does is a little different, and it operates more as a ticket marketplace for events that are to happen within a short timeframe of the current date and time. Details:

    last-minute deals. Gametime is oriented towards customers who plan to buy the tickets a few hours before the event, and the tickets are sold at low prices that can be up to 60% cheaper than the price at a box office.

    Fewer buyer protections. Its business-like nature is based on last-minute sales; hence, it provides fewer assurances compared to other resellers about invalid tickets. However, these deep cuts may be worth it for some consumers.

    mobile focus. But do note that their website does exist, although Gametime is deliberately built as mobile-first, on-demand app to get affordable tickets for tonight’s game or show.

    smaller event focus. Thus, there is a high chance that Gametime will not be providing below-cost pricing strategies for massive tours or championship games. While for such global events as the World Cup, Olympics and other international sporting events, sellers have a competitive edge; buyers rule the market for minor mainstream events and minor league sports.

    In Summary

    It is easy to understand that there are very good reasons to use StubHub, Vivid Seats, Ticketmaster, Gametime or other ticketing platforms depending on the type of event, ticket price or time factors. For inventory and guarantees, StubHub is far ahead; For overall ticket resale cost, Vivid Seats may be cheaper; Primarily owned by Ticketmaster, Mobile last-ticketers are dominated by Gametime. However, it is essential to check for the authenticity of the different policies concerning VetSecurity and assurances to avoid falling victim of scams when using any of the ticket-selling sites.