What is the best site for buying concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    What is the best site for buying concert tickets?

  • Is there a website that can be considered the best source for concert tickets?

    As any fan of music would know, procuring tickets to attend live shows by your preferred artists can be both fun and frustrating. Due to the wide array of retailers and resale marketplaces available online, how can one differentiate genuine ticket-selling companies from fraudulent ones, and which platform offers the best deals on tickets? In this article, I am going to give you a brief overview of the five main ticket-selling websites and give you some helpful tips on how to get your hands on tickets for some of the most popular concerts of the year.


    Apart from being a ticket reseller, Ticketmaster is one of the leading primary ticket merchants who source their tickets directly from venues and promoters. Some of the venues and festivals they have key deals with include many of the large concert venues and festivals, and therefore they will have tickets for presale or general public sale. However, this convenience leads to the disadvantage of higher fees and pricing as it is an official selling source. Service fees have been estimated to be equivalent to 25% of the face value of the tickets. The Ticketmaster site is equipped with a presale code for fans to get early access to tickets. presale ticket numbers that allow one to choose their seat prior to the public, become a member of an artist’s fan club, or follow an event’s social media accounts.


    Tixbag is a secondary marketplace for concert tickets, allowing fans to buy and sell tickets to other fans. This can be a good option for finding tickets to sold-out shows or specific seating options. However, it's important to be aware that resale prices can be significantly higher than face value. Be sure to research the going rate for tickets before you buy, and use a reputable platform like Tixbag with buyer protection guarantees for safe transactions.


    And the largest resale ticket platform through which users are free to sell or buy spare tickets is StubHub. Sellers may post expensive events with tickets to resell, and buyers are able to find tickets on the site, last-minute, for cheaper prices than the face value. All transactions are backed by the FanProtect program, so customers are assured of valid tickets that will be received before the event. Freighting is electronic, mail, or self-pickup at their partner booths at StubHub around the venue. It does not charge service fees per ticket as most ticket sellers do but has a final order processing fee of approximately 10-15%. It means that their overall prices are based on the supply-demand relations of the secondary markets and not on face value.

    Vivid Seats

    Much like StubHub, Vivid Seats is a reputable resale ticket seller that offers a 100% purchase protection guarantee on every ticket purchased. Although they may not necessarily stock as many tickets as some of these other market players do, ticket prices can often be relatively low in comparison to other secondary markets. Unlike showing the processing percentage, Vivid Seats offers its customers a service fee per ticket ranging from $5 to $25 on average, depending on the event. Include promo codes, that are available online and that can further reduce your total order amount by some dollars. It also enables users to bid on the posted tickets and probably get them at a cheaper price.


    Of all the online ticketing companies, SeatGeek stands out as a ticket marketplace that consolidates both primary and secondary market tickets. A simple rating system that they use is the Deal Score, which assigns a rating to a particular ticket depending on how it compares to the cheapest and most expensive ticket available for the event. The buyers can filter the available seat listings based on the deal score and get cheap tickets rated either Best or Good Deals. SeatGeek provides a buyer guarantee for all tickets and states that they will 100% refund customers in the event of a cancellation. Mobile ticketing for their team lowers service charges compared to the use of hard tickets. The SeatGeek app also has detailed 3D venue maps with perspectives from a specific seat, so you know what view you are paying for.

    Helpful Strategies and Hints for Obtaining the Best Bargains

    1. Subscribe to groups or follow the accounts of artists and bands you want to see live, so you can get presale codes before anyone else can. Presales normally also have lower prices since they are offered to capture new customers and not loyal clientele.
    2. The first thing is that the fan must be online and prepared immediately before tickets go on sale. Programs that may have a few episodes/seasons will go for sale as soon as they are booked to have a few tour stops.
    3. It is possible to save money with resale tickets but don’t wait until the last few days. Frequently, prices are reduced to about 30 days to go, with marketers cutting their costs in a bid to lure consumers.
    4. If you wish to sit within the lower bowl or behind the pit, you can again experience a relatively significant discount on face value by opting for seats located in higher rows. Altogether, it is still possible to enjoy sound or the exterior sights from these parts.
    5. Individual tickets or singles should be purchased as much as possible in order to derive optimum benefits. Youth, groups, and pairs tend to cost more when reselling on secondary markets.
    6. Membership in the official retail resale site rewards programs. Services like this can be of advantage in that they offer free trials or discounts for fees or ticketing credits for instance, which are useful in many purchases.

    Certainly, it is not often that individuals spend a lot of money buying a ticket to a concert; thus, if you are planning to do so, use the above tips to become wise. Some pre-show persistence, cheap primary seller options, flexible searching for both primary and secondary sellers, and some bidding tactics will help you get good tickets for your preferred performers this year.