What days do ticket prices go down?

  • Posted on: 04 Jul 2024
    What days do ticket prices go down?

  • On Which Days, Do Tickets Are Made Available At A Lower Price?

    Most tickets for any event, flight, hotel, and other services can be expected to change their prices rather often. When looking for tickets, it is important to keep in mind that there are good and bad times to get them. Based on the following categories, here is the list of when ticket prices are likely to be cheaper.


    The cheapest price offers can be found when the tickets are booked weeks before the planned travel time, preferably up to several months before. It is common knowledge that the initial prices of the flight when it is first released into the market are usually high, then they drop low during the low travel season and then increase again towards the date when the flight is scheduled to leave or when most of the seats have been sold.

    It is found that the least costly days to obtain a flight ticket are during Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It is not a secret that airlines promote their services with attractive offers on weekdays with less business traffic. Flight ticket costs are also known to decline at 6 weeks to the date of journey and 14 days to the date of travel in case there are open seats available. Weekends celebrating holidays are also moderately good for getting cheap tickets as the airlines aim at encouraging vacation traveling.


    It is also important to know that prices in a hotel change depending on the season and events/holidays in the nearby location. On average, it is found that rate quoted for Monday to Thursday is cheaper as compared to that of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Business hotels that target corporate guests who transit on weekdays – Monday to Thursday – may present lower room rates on the weekends.

    Staying during the weekdays, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays instead of Friday/Saturday can cost about a quarter less than normal. The prices also have a tendency to go down when one is booking a room within two weeks of required check-in time during low demand periods. Relative to seasonality, there are available last minute hotels for destinations which may not be so popular during certain periods in the year.

    Concerts and Events

    Probably the two best time to purchase the concert, theater, and event tickets are either the first time it is being sold to the public or at the time when the show is about to begin. It refers to that when tickets are released to the public, there are large numbers of seats which one can be able to access thus the best places to be during a show. It is usually at the last minute that the tickets go up for sale, usually within a week or two to the actual event date, either at the official ticket box or from resellers.

    Tickets for the shows that are on weekdays are cheaper than tickets for the shows that are on the weekdays for the same artist or group. Similarly, one may also note that there is usually less demand for shows during the afternoon and hence the prices are generally lower during the matinee performances. Seasonality affects pricing as well- it is possible to get availability for winter months or rainy seasons as well as the tickets are cheaper than in the busy summer period.

    Sporting Events

    In general, it has been seen that tickets to sporting events are costliest when a team that is involved is a contender for the championship against a team that is expected to be a loser in the current season. Weeknight games are also less costly than high-profile Friday/weekend games, which are much more in demand.

    Based on the findings, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL games tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at $46. Ticket information can be found on reseller websites, and these sites commonly post midweek sale offers to boost sales during the weekdays.

    There are also spontaneous last minute ticket prices which are usually lower than the price of a ticket 2 hours to the game time. However, this strategy is unwise since play offs and rivalry games, may be equally expensive.

    Theme Parks

    The overall admission prices include those price for specific rides, shows, and attractions, are much lower when a ticket is bought in advance online rather than the price charged at the gate. Park-hopper tickets are also cheaper per day as compared to 1-day tickets, if you choose multi-day park tickets.

    If by travelling dates is meant working days in session time are cheaper than going during weekends, holidays or during the vacation period. Thus, the cost of a ticket may be lower on a Tuesday/Wednesday if the park’s management wants to increase the number of visitors on those days. That way, since people are aware of the fact that schools will be closing soon, they will reduce their spending on the commodities during the end of summer and right before schools start opening again.

    Season Passes

    Loyalty season passes should be bought instantly as soon as they are available, preferably before the first event of the season. Season passes generally attract the largest discounts as you wait to buy the tickets before the season starts. Early ordering of multi-year passes also guarantees that the consumer pays the lowest possible rates for the period of their choice.


    The most favorable period for purchasing of cruises is wave season which covers January, February and March. Cruise lines have big promotions during these off peak season to entice customer to come and travel and even have free upgrades and other complimentary additions. There are often higher prices after the wave season is over.

    It is always cheaper to book your cruises at the last minute, particularly 2-3 weeks to the date of travel as the cruise companies will have lots of open space on many of the ships hence they will be forced to offer the cruises at fairly cheaper prices in order to fill the empty spaces. Nonetheless, those who will book during this range will have less sailing and room preferences than if they booked 6+ months before the travel date. Inside cabins are least selling if one is searching for a room with interior at the last moment.

    In relation to this, being strategic in your travel time selection that is, focusing on off-peak days or period, slow seasons or period, advance or last minute booking periods can also help you get the best deals on any of the listed ticket types. There are also price tracking apps that will notify you of price drop opportunities as they progress. In general, one must be an intelligent and willing to spend time more consumer for effectively saving money on travelling.