Is it cheaper to get concert tickets at the box office?

  • Posted on: 04 Jul 2024
    Is it cheaper to get concert tickets at the box office?

  • Is it Cheaper to Get Concert Tickets Directly at the Box Office?

    It is often a high-pressure and expensive experience to obtain tickets to a concert by a favorite music artist. When attending concerts, the availability of cheap tickets is one of the most sought-after options due to ticket prices that go as high as $500 per seat. This gives rise to the inquiry: is it more economical to purchase concert tickets directly from the venue box office rather than from an online ticketing site or agency? It is also important to note that there are strengths and weaknesses that come with the location of purchase.

    Buying at the box office Companies such as the Walt Disney company have benefited from buying at the box office because they are able to reach the consumer directly.

    There are some potential benefits to buying tickets directly from the concert venue's box office:There are some potential benefits to buying tickets directly from the concert venue's box office:

    No hidden fees: Unlike other ticketing systems, box office tickets are directly sold at the prices stated, with no additional fees included in the ticket price. Booking sites and any services where tickets are purchased usually have convenience and service fees that cost 10–20% or more of the ticket price. This is even more apparent in events with what seem like reasonable ticket prices, such as $50, that may actually cost $75+ once all the additional and concealed charges are factored in. The ticket price is the same for any given movie; there is only one price per ticket.

    Getting to know you: box office reps have an overall view of the seating map, can see all available tickets, and can tell you where the better seats are within your budget. Some websites can even show only a small fragment of the full map. If one gets to the theater at the time when ticket sales are opened, one has higher chances of being given the best seats in the house.

    Furthermore, genuine tickets are guaranteed to be original, eliminating the need to deal with counterfeit tickets bought from scalpers. The box office always offers authentic tickets that state the number of seats available for purchase.

    No shipping complications: Print-at-home tickets can mean running out of ink on your printer and being left outside the hall. Having physical tickets in-box offices ensures that all tickets are available for sale without hitches.

    Potential Box Office Drawbacks

    While buying at the box office allows you to avoid some of the frustrations that come with ordering tickets online, it also has some significant downsides:While buying at the box office allows you to avoid some of the frustrations that come with ordering tickets online, it also has some significant downsides:

    Limited opening hours: While there are many outlets for purchasing box office tickets, most are only open during the weekdays and for limited hours. If you are employed in a company where you work from 9 am to 5 pm getting to work becomes hard. With online sales, you can make your purchase any time of the day or any day of the week since sales are made 24/7.

    Long queues: For events such as concerts, which are expected to attract a large audience, the ticket lines, especially on the first day, can take ages. Websites might freeze for a while but no physical contact experience is implied.

    You have to attend in person - If the venue is in cities you wish to travel to, in order to attend the concert, you need to physically attend the box office of the venue where you are, which may not be convenient. Customers can order anything from websites, irrespective of where they are in the world.

    Fewer tickets are available for sale Not all tickets available for sale are bought directly through a box office and therefore, the best tickets could be bought up by these websites before the box office public sale date, leaving behind the poorest tickets.

    Are Third-Party Resellers Cheaper?

    Tickets for sold out concert events are the main reason why fans go to ticket resale markets such as StubHub, Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster Exchange to buy the tickets from fans and other brokers. However, prices of tickets on these sites tend to be above their face value, which discourages many fans from participating in the activity. Sellers also have the ability to sell tickets for over 200–300% of their face value when tickets are very scarce in the market and people are eagerly waiting to get them. The upside, however, is that you might get your hands on some hard-to-come by tickets for a certain sum of money. These sites also have high service fees for the buyer for the privilege of using them in this way.

    Best Practices for Savings

    There is some evidence that tickets are cheapest directly at the primary markets before they are resold, so it is best to buy during the initial stages. In addition to joining artist fan club pre-sales, it also provide an opportunity for early ticket purchases. The differences in fees for shows on Ticketmaster, AXS and other ticketing platforms can be couple of bucks less per ticket. After location, and once a show begins selling out, the choices are limited but the Box Office remains the only place where you are likely to get tickets at face value. In essence, every opportunity to watch a live performance by your preferred artist is always worth the tickets’ fuss and expense. All in all, as long as you are purchasing from actual and legal dealers, the memories will easily outlive whatever amount you spent initially.