How to verify if concert tickets are real?

  • Posted on: 10 Jul 2024
    How to verify if concert tickets are real?

  • How do Check if the Tickets Bought for the Concert are Real?

    Going for a concert of your favorite music artist is one of the most thrilling experiences you would love to engage in. But I have to say that nothing can spoil that excitement more than realising that you had bought fake tickets. Counterfeit tickets are on the rise and this has affected consumers in every country where this act is practiced, as consumers lose millions of dollars every year. Therefore, you need to exercise some measure of caution when purchasing your concert tickets, whether on the internet, from a broker, or from a scalper, for fear of being locked out of the concert or even being swindled. The following therefore represent some useful tips on how to tell whether the concert tickets that you are buying are fake or real.

    Examine the Ticket Thoroughly

    It is advisable to read through every section of the ticket closely when you are given one. Legitimate tickets, particularly those used in concerts, sporting events and other performances, have detailed artwork and print resolution that cannot easily be faked. Hence, one should look at the texts and slogans, logos or images, and the spelling, which should not be perfect in fakes. Also, type in a few words and see if the font looks distorted. Also, touch its thickness to check that the paper is not copy paper or what they consider as photo printing paper. Rub your fingers gently over the ticket to feel some dots at the front and back that are inversed and raised, thus making it a security feature. Further, check whether the ticket bears watercolored backgrounds and an authentication hologram that changes under heat when the ticket is tilted under light.

    Verify the Seller

    never purchase tickets from any unauthorized ticket seller other than the venue’s box office, authorized ticket brokers, primary ticket selling outlets or official tour sites because some of the tickets might be fake. Approach secondary ticket sellers with caution, as buyers are looking for resold tickets from the initial ticket holders and make sure to read reviews to identify fake websites. Avoid buying tickets from unknown persons, tenders that are on the internet particularly online auctions, classified ads or social media ticket sales. Also, avoid purchasing tickets from people with huge stocks, especially from the streets near the hall on the day of the show.

    Check Security Features

    Original tickets also come with many anti-counterfeit features incorporated into their design. Scan the barcode of your ticket and look for numbers written under UV blacklight ink, which are not visible during normal lighting and requires a special flashlight. There could be writings in small letters that may be noticed only under a lens or pictures that can be observed only with the help of a piece of cellophane. Real paper also turns black when bleach is used in it. Scratch the latex coating off the hologram and the barcode to verify that they reflect the seat numbers. If there is any certification number, then one should call for it. Ask the ticket issuer if there are any bar codes, QR codes, serial numbers or imprints that contain the purchaser's name or identity details.

    Register the Ticket

    Most ticket sellers allow buyers to have ticket protection via registration. Go to the issuer’s website to register the ticket using data such as section, row and seat numbers available on the ticket. This has the benefit of putting the ticket under your name, which makes it impossible for someone else to sell the same ticket. Instant e-mail notifications are given in case there are any changes that have been made. Some sites also allows for the buyer’s details of sold tickets to be forwarded to the buyer through account based systems to combat piracy. Making ticket insurance active means that the client will be assured of a refund in case the ticket was fake or has been misplaced.

    Download the Ticket App

    For paperless tickets, first download the original event application on your smartphone and enter the ticket account to obtain the tickets. It is now possible to purchase e-tickets that are electronically connected to your ID-verified account and other related information to minimize instances of fraud. You will also be required to show your ticket to the app and a valid photo identification to get in. Ensure that the dynamic QR code is working properly in the specific app before the event date. Please report any ticket that you discover has been hacked or compromised. Do not take screenshots because digital tickets have moving animations, small concealed icons, rotating numbers and alphabets and glitter effects that cannot be emulated.

    Purchases from Reputable Sources

    Your best bet, therefore, is to purchase tickets from accredited sellers, that are those approved by the promoters of the concert. Ticketing partners have agreements, deals and privileges to use inventory, databases containing customers’ details and methods of authenticating genuine tickets. Look for reputable ticket resellers and retail stores to get best seats, such as front row, VIP box or other packages or travel that are not sold online. Avoid falling for phantom prices because scams and anonymity involving doubtful unauthorized sellers should be nothing but suspicious.

    Arrive Early

    The only way to ensure that the ticket is functional and valid for entry is to get to the venue and try it. Counterfeit tickets are authentic-looking and are able to pass initial checks where they are caught at the gate when the mini scanner connected to the ticketing system database authenticates the ticket. It is recommended that you get to the venue before the scheduled time of the show in case the ticketing system detects your ticket as a duplicate, lost or stolen if somebody gets there first. Venues are capable of helping concerned fans when there is still enough time to address ticket issues. You also get helped quicker before large crowds arrive, especially those who flock to the stage towards the performers’ time.

    As much as technology is helping the forgery of tickets, it is very important that one is very careful so as not to lose the great opportunity of watching a concert. It is advisable to be careful when and where you buy tickets and then confirm security features as the last remedy against fake ticket scams. By following these practical tips, fake tickets can be avoided and fans can attend concerts of their favorite artists without any hassle and simply enjoy the show.