All You Need To Know About Concerts - Ultimate Guide

  • Posted on: 24 Dec 2022
    All You Need To Know About Concerts - Ultimate Guide

  • It is a magical moment to see your favorite artist in concert. Probably, going to a concert is not as easy as you think. But it can definitely. If you want to make your first concert experience memorable and to have the best enjoyable moments, then you must be well aware of the concert. This ultimate concert guide includes all the things you need for getting the best concert experience. So, let's take a look at this ultimate concert guide.


    Understanding Concert

    A concert is a real-time music performance in front of an audience. The show might be by a single musician, often after that, called a recital, or by a music ensemble, such as an orchestra, choir, or band. Concerts are kept in a wide variety and dimension of setups, from exclusive residences and little clubs committed music hall, sectors and also parks to big multipurpose buildings, and also even sports stadiums. Interior concerts held in the biggest venues are in some cases called field concerts or arena concerts. Informal names for a concert consist of the show and also gig.

    History & Stats

    While the first concerts didn't officially show up until the late 17th century, comparable gatherings had actually been around throughout the 17th century at numerous European colleges, such as Oxford and also in Cambridge. Officially, however, the first public concerts that needed admission were created by the English violinist, John Banister. Over the next couple of centuries, concerts began to get larger audiences, and also classical symphonies were incredibly popular. Ultimately, after World War 2, these events changed into the modern concerts that occur today. An instance of an early, post-WW2 concert is the Moondog Crowning Sphere.


    According to IBISWorld, over the past 5 years, the Concert & Event Promotion in the US industry has actually expanded by 5.3% to reach earnings of $31bn in 2018. In the same time frame, the variety of businesses have actually expanded by 3.4% and the number of workers has actually expanded by 3.6%.

    "The present period is marked by the growing success of music festivals and increasing ticket sales"
    "The rising number of music celebrations may be creating market saturation"

    The Concert & Event Promo in the United States industry includes Live music concerts, fairs, contests, ethnic events and also various other events, staged shows, nonfranchise sporting events and also public appearances and also speeches


    Types of Concerts

    Who doesn't love a good concert? When you're simply surrounded by a group of fans being ingested up by the music you love, you can't deny there's a particularly common feeling of happiness. Each type of concerts has a completely different ambiance than others. Below's a breakdown of a couple various kinds of concerts you might most likely to.

    Type Examples
    Alternative Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Phantogram, Warpaint
    Country Brad Paisley, Zac Brown Band, Luke Bryan, George Strait
    Classical Lionel Bringuier, Yaniv Dinur, Carmina Burana, Melanie Leonard
    EDM/Rave Martin Garrix, Showtek, Diplo, Hardwell, Tiesto, Keys & Krates
    Rap Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Childish Gambino, Jay-Z
    Oldies Jimmy Buffett, Billy Joel, Grateful Dead, Paul McCartney
    Festivals Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Firefly, SXSW

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    Health Benefits of Concerts

    Is going to concerts good for you?


    Going to concerts consistently might help you live longer and boost your well-being, according to new research.

    The study declares that participating in a concert for just 20 mins "boosted individuals sensations of well-being by 21%-- with vital markers throughout the happiness range showing boosts, including feelings of self-regard (+25%) as well as nearness to others (+25%) whilst psychological excitement climbed by an excellent 75%.

    Few health benefits of concerts

    1. Good Exercise
    2. Burn Calories
    3. Stress Reduction
    4. Pain Relief
    5. Socialize with People
    6. A Chance to Reflect
    7. A sense of well-being
    8. Boost Your Mood
    9. Discover New Music
    10. Find the Inspiration You Need
    11. A Captivating Source of Energy
    12. An Affordable Outing


    Where to buy concert tickets

    There are more means to buy concert tickets to see your favorite musicians than in the past, but that can additionally make the procedure feel difficult. Should you rush to get the very first seats you can from the primary ticket market before an event sells out? Or should you wait it out and try your luck on the secondary market, purchasing resale tickets from a vendor like TixBag, StubHub or TixTm?

    Well, let us first understand what is primary and secondary ticket marketplace?

    Primary Ticket Marketplace

    If you have bought event tickets in the past, you have definitely used the primary ticket market. Whether you internalized that, is a different story, but if you have bought tickets off of Ticketmaster, Live Nation, a box office or right at a location, ticket office before going into, these were all primary market for events tickets.

    Secondary Ticket Marketplace

    People, sometimes refer it as the resale marketplace, but popularly know as the secondary marketplace is the ticket market that works as a link in between fans, followers, brokers, and so on of event tickets after they have actually been purchased from the primary ticket market.

    How to prepare for a concert?

    So, you got news your favorite band/singer/performer is coming to the city soon. You've obtained your tickets! The concert day is almost right here! Are you still in a dilemma, what you should you do to prepare? There are lots of little things to remember before heading out for a fun day or night at a concert and also it can be a bit frustrating. If this is your first experience to a concert or you just intend to set on your own to have a great experience, below is a listing of some points to try and also follow them to do prior to you get to your concert, to make sure that you can have the utmost concert experience.

    Here are a few things that will help yourself

    1. Research Venue & Seating Views
    2. Buy concert tickets early
    3. Pick the perfect concert outfit
    4. Clear out space on your phone
    5. Bring an extra battery
    6. Pack your essential items
    7. Eat a good meal and drink lots of water
    8. Make all final preparations

    Concert Photography Tips

    Concert photography is perhaps one of the most adrenaline-filled specific niches you can involve in as a professional photographer. Concert digital photography is exciting and also interesting yet it can also be extremely tough since the low light problems you have to deal with.

    If you're brave enough to explore this exciting, innovative adventure, here are some concert photography tips to take with you to your next concert.

    Equipment and Settings

    1. Best low light camera
    2. Lenses with a maximum width
    3. Burst camera setting


    • Shoot fast
    • Open wide
    • Be more sensitive
    • Control the focus
    • Wait for the light
    • Find your angle

    Best Concert Venues

    Yes! The concert venues are very important and we can’t step in without talking about them. When you're holding that ticket stub driving to see your favorite artist or performer it seems like absolutely nothing else issues other than the fact that soon you will certainly hear and also see the music that you love.

    Several elements that attribute to the overall experience of the concert night. This can include audiences, dinner, and naturally the venue.

    1. The Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk - Brooklyn, N.Y.
    2. Bethel Woods Center for the Arts - Bethel, N.Y.
    3. Big Sky Brewery - Missoula, Mont.
    4. Gorge Amphitheatre - Quincy, Wash.
    5. Greek Theatre - Los Angeles and Berkeley, Calif.
    6. Harveys Outdoor Arena - Lake Tahoe, Nev.
    7. Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, Calif.
    8. Mandalay Bay Beach - Las Vegas, Nev.
    9. Mountain Winery - Saratoga, Calif.

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    Concert Essentials

    Participating in a concert is always enjoyable and also who do not wish to see their favorite musicians and also bands play music live. Everybody loves to experience the live concert of their favorite stars, at least one face to face.

    Okay, so you have a ticket for the show you are going to, now the big concern is... What to bring and not to bring to a concert?

    Here is a list of things that you should and should not bring to a concert

    Things To Bring

    1. Bring your ticket
    2. Wear Sneakers
    3. Bring a Bag
    4. Bring a Hair Tie
    5. Wear Appropriate Clothing
    6. Bring Some Snacks and Drinks
    7. Bring a Sweatshirt during winters
    8. Bring a digital camera
    9. Bring a Smartphone

    Avoid To Bring

    1. Say no to flip flops and heels
    2. Don’t wear a sweatshirt in the summers
    3. Avoid bringing meals
    4. Don’t wear excessive jewelry
    5. Don't Bring an Expensive Bag
    6. Avoid bringing credit or debit cards
    7. Don't Wear Your Favorite Clothes

    Concert safety tips

    As everybody knows that concerts are experiences where everyone makes fun and enjoy. For some, it can be a moving experience, while others come to be concert experts-- seeing every program that comes their way. Despite what you look for from these programs, you should very well aware of concert safety.

    At a concert, a few things like trampled, drugged, punched, lost, etc...can take place. Follow the points below, you'll be extra well-informed of just how to head to concerts safely and also still have an amazing time.

    1. Be aware of your surroundings
    2. If you go with other people, have a Meetup spot
    3. Know the venue does and Don'ts
    4. Get friends’ and family’s contact info
    5. Let others know where you are
    6. Know where the security guards are
    7. Know where the emergency exits are
    8. Don’t accept drugs from others
    9. Make sure your phone is charged
    10. Drink lots of water, and wear earplugs

    So, the final words are it is necessary to know all the things about the concert to make your first experience stunning. Hope, you loved reading.

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