NFL Schedule 2021: Schedule, Release Date, Top Games

  • Posted on: 23 Dec 2022
    NFL Schedule 2021: Schedule, Release Date, Top Games

  • The release of the NFL schedule 2021 is always a big moment on the NFL football calendar, as it signals the first time fans can look ahead to exact dates and times that they’ll be able to head to the stadium to cheer on their favorite team.

    TixBag has a full breakdown below of the 2021 NFL schedule release and other key dates for the 2021 season.

    When will the 2021 NFL schedule be released?

    TixBag has compiled the historical NFL schedule release dates, which fan help fans understand when the 2021 NFL schedule for the regular season will be released:

    2020 - May 7 (delayed due to COVID-19)

    2019 - April 17

    2018 - April 19

    2017 - April 20

    2016 - April 14

    2015 - April 21

    2014 - April 23

    2013 - April 18

    2012 - April 17

    2011 - April 19

    2010 - April 20

    2009 - April 14

    2008 - April 15

    2007 - April 11

    2006 - April 6

    2005 - April 13

    After experimenting with releasing the schedule during the second week of April, the NFL has mostly shifted to releasing the schedule during the third week of April, between April 15-21 in recent years. Sometimes, if Easter occurs during this week, it can shift the schedule up.

    However, Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal has reported that this year could see the latest NFL schedule release ever: the second week of May. This would mark the second year in a row that the schedule will come out after the NFL Draft. This allows the league to take into account results of the draft when determining prime-time games.

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