How Many Games in MLB Season ?

  • Posted on: 23 Dec 2022
    How Many Games in MLB Season ?

  • The MLB season is an exciting time for baseball fans but before that one question that comes in our mind is How Many Games in MLB Season? The answer is 162 in MLB. Some teams may be more favored than others, but every team has a chance to win the World Series. In total there are 162 games in a Major League Baseball season or about seven months of play. The regular season starts on March 30 and ends on September 29 (or October 1 if a team makes it into the playoffs).

    Each team plays against each other at least 19 times during the course of 162 games with three days off per week in between contests. There are also some holiday breaks throughout the year that take place from late April through early June and from mid-August through early September when many players go back home to spend time with family or prepare for winter ball leagues overseas.

    The regular season, All-Star Game, and postseason

    The MLB regular season is upon us and it's time to get ready for the All-Star Game on July 10th. This year, the Midsummer Classic will be hosted at Nationals Park in Washington D.C., with the first pitch scheduled for 7:30 PM EST.

    The 2021 Minor League season

    The 2021 Minor League season is just around the corner and it promises to be an exciting one. Like every other year, there will be new prospects who are about to make their debut in professional baseball. There will also be players that will finally get a chance at the majors after years of hard work. It's always important for fans to remember that these are real people with real feelings who have dreams just like we do- so let's cheer them on!

    Biggest surprise: San Francisco Giants

    The San Francisco Giants were not expected to make it this far. The team was predicted to finish third in the NL West and ranked fourth in the National League, but they have been able to defy all expectations by being one of the best teams in baseball. They are currently tied for first place with their division rival, Los Angeles Dodgers. If they can just hold on through these last few weeks, they will be heading into October as a strong contender for a World Series title.

    Biggest disappointment: New York Yankees

    The New York Yankees have had a rough season. They started off strong, but lately, they haven't been able to keep their momentum up. The Yankees are currently in fourth place with a record of 51-47 and the playoffs don't seem all that likely anymore. There's still time for them to turn it around though and make some moves at the trade deadline which should help them get back on top of the standings again before October rolls around.

    Sleeping giant: Toronto Blue Jays

    The Blue Jays have been a sleeping giant for years, and this year could be their chance to show the baseball world that they are ready to take center stage. They've had plenty of opportunities in the past but haven't taken advantage of them. The team has made some big moves with their roster in the off-season including adding all-star pitcher David Price from Detroit Tigers. This is probably one of their best chances yet at making it into postseason play.

    The Toronto Blue Jays have not seen much success since 1993 when they won two consecutive World Series Championships back-to-back. Yet, despite having such a low playoff appearance rate (the last time was back in 1993), they still remain hopeful about this upcoming season.

    Most likely to fade: Cleveland

    The Cleveland Indians are one of the most talked-about teams in Major League Baseball. They have a rich history and some great players, but they will more than likely fade this season with their star pitcher on the DL. Injuries happen to all teams, so it's important for any team to be able to adapt without their key player. The Indians would need either Corey Kluber or Carlos Carrasco to step up if they want to stay relevant in the MLB playoff race this year.

    Three key storylines for the second half

    The MLB season is about to get interesting. The first half of the season has been predictable and lackluster, with only a few teams really standing out from the pack. But now it's time for those teams to battle it out in hopes of making the playoffs - which should make for some great games.

    The MLB season is halfway over, and there are still plenty of storylines to follow. The Red Sox have a commanding lead in the AL East; Mariano Rivera has an outside chance at breaking Trevor Hoffman's all-time saves record; and Matt Harvey has been dominating for the Mets. What will happen in the second half? Stay tuned--we'll be following every game!

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