Where is the cheapest place to go to the eras tour?

  • Posted on: 11 Jul 2024
    Where is the cheapest place to go to the eras tour?

  • Which Country or City Has the Lowest Eras Tour Ticket Prices?

    Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour can be considered one of the most popular concerts in 2023. The brilliant live performances by Taylor Swift include impromptu collaborations, dramatic outfit changes, energetic singing, and dancing in visually engaging setting designs. However, given the fact that tickets cost anything from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, watching the Eras Tour could be a very expensive affair. But what if you are a Swiftie, an ‘enthusiast’ of Taylor Swift, which means you are not willing to spend your last penny to watch the show comfortably, but at the same time, you want to be a part of the audience at least? There is good news for you: there are certain areas where relatively affordable tickets can be found easily.

    Aim for Weeknight Shows

    But if your timetable permits, it’s always advantageous to attend the Eras Tour stops during weekdays and not over the weekend since tickets are generally cheaper. Consequently, most people will have business or school to attend in the weekdays and this is why few people will attend concerts that are on Monday through Thursday. Since there will be fewer competitors to outbid you on the available seats, there are high chances of getting a good deal. Just remember that the probability of competing against far fewer yet equally rabid Swifties will always be present so, be as swift as they are when presale or sale opens for a better chance at scoring deals.

    Select only those cities where the firm has multiple shows in order to minimise the effects of this variable.

    Concentrations: It makes much more sense for large cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Paris, etc.—which are hosting four, five, or even ten (!) Eras Tour dates—to have tickets available at $10, $20, $50 rather than cities where she is performing one or two nights only. Many of these cities have more show dates within a given time frame and therefore, people sell off tickets that they otherwise cannot use. Moreover, according to economics, when supply increases beyond demand, as is evident from the table, there is a general tendency of prices to fall. Picking these tour-rich cities means that you stand a better chance to buy your tickets at cheaper prices than face value, either directly from the ticket seller or from an unofficial reseller.

    Obstructed View Seats are several types of seats that should be avoided when selecting a place to watch a movie.

    If getting near the stage is not a necessity, one can always go on a shopping spree looking for the best seats with a poor view at a reasonable price. Occasionally, partial views of the stage and giant screens are restricted due to unobstructed sight lines from some sections or angles. But you’ll lose the authentic concert vibes and won’t be able to hear Taylor’s music live (at least, not loud and clear). Obstructed views will be marked at the stadium, and this can be identified by maps with partial or diagonal lines drawn on such areas of the map. There will be poles and, at times, people or structures that obscure your view, seats located behind stages or speakers, and seats positioned to the side, thus giving you an awkward angle to the various parts of the show. However, if the goal of getting a good look at Taylor is essential for you, proceed with caution and review the ‘seat views’ to decide if the low price justifies the obstructed view.

    Become a member of the band’s official fan club to become eligible for the presale.

    Well, one of them is Taylor Nation, Taylor’s official fan club and email list, which you may be already familiar with if you are a Taylor Swift fan. After registration on the fan site, the fans are allowed to purchase tickets before the normal public during presale sales. Limiting the number of tickets that are available to purchase initially to this exclusive group minimizes the number of tickets that end up with scalpers and ticket-buying bots, thereby reducing the costs. In fact, being a fan club member also has its advantages since you will receive a presale code that enables you to buy tickets before anyone else, that is a few days to the actual on-sale. It doesn’t ensure that the seats will be affordable, but it at least makes you not have to compete with the whole internet when the latest release of tickets are live and ready for sale. This is why it is advisable to sign up before they are announced for presale to secure a spot.

    Go General Admission

    Again, if you can manage to get an assignment of a floor ticket, then there should be no more cases of restricted view or distance view. General admission positions you better than any seated section would in terms of proximity to Taylor and the main stage. And since they accommodate the greatest possible number of standing viewers, they can be even (just a little bit) cheaper than superior reserved seats. To stand as close as possible to the catwalk, one has to wake up early to stake a position and standing for such a long period proves to be a chore. But for value, unmatched proximity, and the bragging rights that come with owning a GA floor, GA floors are great bargains with significantly smaller price tags.

    One important thing that you need to watch out for is dynamic pricing.

    Dynamic or adjustable ticket pricing, which is gaining popularity for its flexibility, varies the expenditure depending on current demand. At the start of the show, for instance, in the case of dynamically priced seats, they start lower. However, for tickets that are selling as more fans show interest, real-time dynamic pricing is used to increase prices. It can increase from a $100 ticket to $150, $200 or even higher on the same day, a day or weeks to the show date, depending on the availability of seats in a hall. If pinchable pennies are important, pouncing early affords the opportunity to nab seats before the predictable hikes kick in. Only be sure that prices gradually and steadily climb if you are buying nearer to the date of the show.

    It is always advisable to go where ticket are included because this can save you money and allow you to get more tickets.

    Another subversive strategy is to get someone else to pay for it because you can book the cheap seats then! This is done by occasionally listening to the radio for contests where you could be lucky to win tickets, trying to get a credit card that offers tickets or being a member of a venue or artist’s fan club because they tend to offer tickets to their shows or already have reasonably priced seats. Local radio stations usually offer links to sign up for free fan club, which gets privilege to buy the tickets first. Some lotteries will immediately enroll you into their program of winning free tickets as soon as you subscribe to a particular email list. Spending a lot of time reading the small symbols may be helpful for finding codes given to Spotify users to buy the tickets before their price increases. Find out if there are any existing bundling opportunities for current tickets you have in the memberships you are in. There is a great potential to save and have others pay for the expenses in quite innovative ways if one digs deep enough creatively.

    Bottom Line

    At the end of it all, even Taylor Swift fans desiring tickets that will cost as little as possible are still going to spend more than the cost of a typical concert. But that little ray of extra Pixie Dust that places the Eras Tour in a league of its own comes at a cost! Fans who want to get closer to their pop icon for a lesser amount of money can always find out how to look for cheap packages by driving off the less frequent days and numerous tour points, ignoring the relatively less significant visibility, selling floor spaces faster, timing dynamic purchase prices, or discovering other throwaway offers that come with a string attached. Check out the tips provided above to find the lowest prices and enjoy Taylor’s performance singing her most popular hits while being in full control of your wallet.