What's the cheapest way to buy concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 10 Jul 2024
    What's the cheapest way to buy concert tickets?

  • What are the methods of acquiring concert tickets at a cheaper price?

    The cost of tickets for a concert can be high, given some tickets to concerts by big artists cost up to a few hundred dollars. When there is a concert and your favorite musician is performing, you would like to attend the show but the price of tickets could be too high. Fortunately, there are ways to get cheap concert tickets so you too can experience the magic of a live performance without hitting the poor house. Here is the detailed information that will be useful in finding the best tricks for buying cheap tickets.

    Wait for pre-sales

    There are several methods to use to ensure that one can buy cheap concert tickets, and one of them is presales. Presales allow fans to get tickets before the general public can through other ticket-selling methods, such as online ticket sales. There are also various presales, such as club, newsletter, venue and credit card presales, that are aimed at fans signed to the artist’s newsletter, members of the venue’s mailing list, holders of a specific credit card, or members of fan clubs. You can join any of these groups that concern you so that when promoters drop presale tickets they announce, you can get the tickets and book for the seats before the common public rush. In most cases, presale tickets are cheaper compared to the tickets that we buy on the actual event day.

    Use Ticket Exchange Websites

    Fans can also rely on third-party ticket exchange platforms such as StubHub, Tixbag, and Vivid Seats, which provide steeply discounted tickets to be resold. Consequently, as the date of the event approaches, sellers on such Web sites often lower ticket prices to near-giveaway levels because they no longer want the tickets. It is advised to frequently visit the exchange sites in the build-up to the occasion in search of tickets with the most affordable prices. It is known that if you buy tickets through an exchange site, the tickets can be half price or cheaper, and this is true if you use it 2-3 weeks before an event. However, ensure that the tickets are not fake and are legit to be used before buying them.

    Doing Everything at the Last Minute

    If you are willing to take a risk, there is no better option than to wait until the very last day to purchase your tickets, as this is where you are likely to get the most discount. Two days prior to the concert date or the day of the concert, people should log into StubHub again. The prices further reduce in the last day when people offer heavily discounted prices with their products. There is a danger of the show selling out, and the mass of people that arrive an hour before the concert can purchase the tickets for a significantly lower price. Carry cash with you and go to the venue and ask fans if they have any ticket to sell, as well as the scalpers. Haggling could also have a very positive effect, as they could allow entry at very cheap prices if you are polite about it. They are just a word of caution not to purchase counterfeit merchandise out of ignorance.

    Check for Discount Codes

    When planning to purchase directly on the venue or official ticketing company, the buyer should first look for a coupon code or some promotion being offered on the internet to be used upon checking out. Some venues, artists, or ticket sellers cut ticket prices at some point in time for the purpose of selling or making tickets exclusive to certain groups, like AMEX cardholders or for those on an artist’s mailing list. Check if you fit into these special offers that are usually given and commonly include discounts of about 10–20% on their tickets or even better offers. Groupon or Travelzoo are also sources where you can find occasional announcements about the sale of concert tickets. A coupon code or an exclusive discount can help you save some money and take the needed amount off the price.

    If you want to watch a specific program but do not mind a frontal oblique view of the stage, then you can buy obstructed view or upper-level seating.

    If you do not mind missing out some of the action or even sitting far from the actual playing field, then opt for obstructed or high-up  bleachers. Some theaters offer special, cheaper rates for tickets with a partially obstructed view or those situated in the uppermost tiers far from the proscenium arch. It will not be the greatest concert but if you simply desire to be inside, obstructed view and upper-level seats are significantly cheaper.

    Avoid Fees

    Be careful when it comes to fees that are charged when buying concert tickets. Services fees, order processing fees, and facility fees are among the many add-ons that customers can be charged with their ticket besides the basic base ticket price. In terms of choice, fees should be incorporated into the total cost of a product before making a purchase. Also, one might want to go directly to the box office to purchase tickets instead of paying the additional fees for using cashless options. StubHub is often used to purchase resale tickets, and this can also help in avoiding the various charges added during the first round of ticket sales as well. This is why every single dollar saved on fees contribute to multiplying your concert budget.

    Go on Off Nights

    Normally, any show that is scheduled to happen during a Friday or Saturday night is often very expensive, especially for big artists. In most cases, this typically translates to at least a $20 difference in ticket prices, which are cheaper if you decide to attend the show during the week. Since the event is not attractive to fans with school or work, the venues offer ticket discounts during Sundays through Thursdays. On weekdays, the ticket prices could be cheaper and if you don’t mind watching concerts at night and are prepared to go to work the following morning, you stand to benefit a lot.

    Yearly Passes or Season Passes: Cost-Effective But What exactly is a Season or Multi-Pack Pass?

    In case the concert venue is one that consistently hosts several shows, one should take a chance to purchase season tickets or a pack of several tickets if this is something that is available. Sometimes passes are even cheaper than individual tickets when you look at the number of events they get you into over the course of a full season, depending on how often you actually end up going to one show or another. Certain venues also allow customers to purchase an annual membership for a specific price, which then gives the bearer access to last minute unsold tickets at a significantly lower price. The more frequently one goes to theater, the more financially beneficial it is to invest in passes.

    Score Free Tickets

    Although this may not be the most probable scenario, you might simply get tickets for free, or at a very cheap price, depending on who you are chatting with. Make friends with such people as those who work in the venue, radio DJs, bloggers, members of other bands, of the opener band, etc.; it helps to get a chance to get in for free, participate in contests, or be given some free tickets in exchange for promoting it in your social media accounts. For a few jokes and a pleasant conversation, you could get out of it without paying a single dollar.

    Although there is no greater experience than seeing a performer perform live, due to the high cost of concert tickets today, your attendance to the performances is somewhat restricted. Fortunately, insider tips such as using presales, buying right before or on the day of the show, searching for codes for seats and seating deals, and networking into local music scenes leave a lot of room for those interested in getting cheap seats. With the above concert ticket buying tips, one can be ready to have a chance to attend many live music events without having to spend much.