What is the least expensive way to buy concert tickets?

  • Posted on: 03 Jul 2024
    What is the least expensive way to buy concert tickets?

  • The problem of finding the least expensive way to obtain concert tickets can be a challenge.

    This is because the costs of concert tickets today have risen to levels that can be considered expensive, with basic tickets, those that are far from the stage, going for $50–100 and higher costs for premium tickets, the front row or VIP, going for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. But you should not be discouraged since there are many ways in which one can be able to purchase tickets at a cheaper price than their face value. Here is how you can get information and tips that will help you look for the cheapest concert tickets.

    Sign Up for Pre-Sales

    If you are looking forward to finding cheap concert tickets, then pre-sales are one of the best chances that you can take. Pre-sales are a way to provide fans an opportunity to purchase tickets long before those of the general public. Normally, to be allowed to be part of this, you have to subscribe to the artist’s mailing list or be a member of the venue’s list. It also makes it possible for a person to purchase tickets before speculators and brokers have a chance to do so. Advance ticket prices can also refer to the first or initial cost of tickets, which are normally at face value without additional charges. Many people make the mistake of waiting for ticket prices to come down on their own, only to end up missing out on reserved seats Pre-sale notifications are free of charge and one of the best ways to get cheap seats.

    Use Ticket Presale Codes

    Another source of presale passwords and codes is the mailing lists you sign up for However, these passwords and codes can also be found on the artist’s website or social media accounts before the actual presale commences. These special codes will enable you to get a ticket pre-sale, in order to acquire the seats before they go up for public sale. Presale codes usually run out very fast, so one should search for them on band sites and fan pages just before the sale. Combining the presale code with pre-sale ticket windows can help one get tickets to such shows without necessarily spending much.

    Wait for General On-Sales

    In case you fail to book during pre-sales, another method to secure tickets is to purchase during on-sales, which is another sale wherein leftover tickets are made available to the public. This enables you to buy tickets for the shows at cost without having to deal with the markups from resellers. Beware that when on-sales are announced, it is expected that good tickets will be sold within the shortest time. Staying logged on to your computer equipped with the necessary information right at the point of sale will surely win you over other competitors. New shows will remain available only for a short time and tickets will sell out in a matter of hours, but sometimes you can wait until the prices reach their face value again.

    Check Fan Exchange Sites

    Well-known ticket sources such as Ticketmaster provide fan-to-fan exchange programs that allow people to safely resell their tickets. Some people can put up tickets for games or shows that they do not wish to attend at or even below the original price in a bid to get some of their cash back. Surfing through the various fan exchange websites can help find genuine tickets being sold at face value or even slightly below value by the fans who cannot make it to the events. The tickets sold are genuine and not the counterfeit ones you buy from other unauthorized persons who call themselves ‘ticket sellets’.

    Called Go Direct at the Box Office

    In the event that tickets to a show are still available, it is advisable to also try and attend the venue and buy from the box office. They are unique in the sense that box offices are the only ticket-selling agents that do not add on any extra fees to face-value prices. Buying the tickets online can be expensive, especially when one ends up paying convenience fees of 15% or more on top of the initial list prices. It excludes those lengthy online middleman ticket sellers and their rude interference fees, box offices offer you the lowest price for any unsold tickets you can directly attend.

    Get in the door with a restricted view

    Finally, if you cannot get good seats for highly popular television programs that are nearly sold out, you can consider buying restricted-view seats. Some reported that their side seats are very few, and some of them are pillar-like or have an angled line of view towards the stage. Such unwanted tickets are generally cheaper in venues because they are not attractive to many customers. If you are okay with looking at something other than the view of the stage or, at worst, looking at a cluster of speakers instead of the whole stage, you’re guaranteed to spend less overall and can easily get inside the show for as little as 10–20 dollars.

    Use Membership Discounts

    Most of the shows come with privileged pre-sales or ticket sale bonuses for those in specific groups, such as students, military personnel, or credit union members. If you are a member of any of these major professional bodies, such as the AAA or AARP, there is a high probability that your membership package carries some form of entertainment discount. For instance, if you possess a genuine student email address such as.edu, then you are likely to be privileged to student-reduced rates for events such as concerts. It never hurts to check!

    The last of the options to be discussed is signing up for the Verified Fan program.

    In order to stop ticket resale bots from buying tickets, some high-profile tours now use “Verified Fan” when selling tickets instead. Verified Fan sends fans to a website to register prior to on-sale dates for tickets and unlocks a code that allows them to purchase the tickets. Registering also proves your identity, and it is a great prevention to allow only true fans to buy tickets on sale instead of bots. As the tickets go on sale, joining the Verified Fan programs, if available, makes the fan more likely to have a chance at the floor seat for face value as opposed to the resellers.

    Opt for lawn or upper-tier seating.

    It seems that at most shows, cheap seats are still available out there, particularly if you do not care much about the angle of view or how far you are from the stage. The rows in the highest upper deck and lawn seats are the most likely to remain unsold for a longer time and are normally purchased for less than their face value closer to the show date. But I’m here to tell you that even the worst seats in the house are still preferable to not being able to attend your favorite bands concert in the first place.

    Use Ticket Discounts Sites

    There are many websites, such as Groupon or Goldstar, that offer coupons for concerts and other live performances at quite cheap rates. Under the ‘Upcoming Shows’ tab, you can view the current showing schedule in your locality and sometimes, there are limited time codes for 5-25% off sports games, theatre, and some concerts. There will be fewer seats available, and they may not be as good as those that you would get if you had a choice, but on the positive side, the savings could be quite high if you were going to purchase those more expensive tickets in the first place.

    For successful hosting of the events, there is a need to be a little flexible on the dates as well as the venue.

    If your favorite artist is performing for several nights in a row or if they are in the middle of a tour, try going for an early show when it’s not likely that the place will be crowded. Expecting tickets to be inexpensive, weekday shows are much easier to score than those held on Friday/Saturday. Concert tickets are also cheaper when going to shows in some secondary markets than in hot venues that are located in giant cities. It is possible to find much better prices for different tour stops because the actual price of the seats is not significantly different from the cheaper tickets.

    Therefore, it could be said that it is not a problem to obtain rather massive discounts for concert tickets; it is just necessary to be ready to act before the show is scheduled. Just a few bucks spared will help you ensure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on shows you’re dying to see. What is best for each artist and the specific market will vary, but using any of the above increases the likelihood of obtaining tickets for far less than face value significantly.