How to buy concert tickets without being ripped off?

  • Posted on: 04 Jul 2024
    How to buy concert tickets without being ripped off?

  • It is important for one to plan on which concert to attend. With shows being high demand concerts where the tickets are sold out in a few seconds and then appearing on ticket resale sites at massively inflated prices, it is nearly impossible to acquire tickets at the original price. But, you do not have to pay through the nose to the scalpers; with a bit of planning and tips from this article, you will not miss a show. Below is a guide to help you get through the process of buying concert tickets without a ticket.

    Plan Ahead

    The first important element in purchasing tickets for a particular concert without having to pay a premium is scheduling. The moment the dates are out, do not forget to jot it down on your schedule. Subscribe to artist sales and artist fan club sales since they usually come with access to tickets before public on-sale. Receive the ticket seller’s application on your mobile device and register so that the moment tickets are released, you can have a seamless purchasing process. Keeping that in mind, the best opportunity for clearing through fast and buying tickets is to prepare beforehand.

    Leverage Presales

    Presales occur prior to the onsale date for the general public and have the added benefits of providing ticket holders exclusive access. They are normally pre-sale for credit card holders, artist fan clubs, venue mailing list members, those on Spotify, and so on. When this is announced, ensure you do comprehensive research on all presale opportunities and enroll in all you can. This will provide you with several opportunities to secure ticket privileges before the public does. Presale ticket allotments are usually relatively limited, but it’s a far better position than the extremely competitive category of general on-sale.

    Use Multiple Devices

    And when you want to buy tickets, especially in presales or general on-sales when many people are online, open several devices for better chances. Navigate to the ticket seller’s website using a laptop, mobile browser, tablet, etc., and ensure you are prepared to try to purchase tickets on all screens at the same time when the site goes live. The more devices actively participate, the higher the chances are that you will be among the first to gain access to the system to choose your tickets.

    Right is the name of the product; get on it at the onset of the on-sale period.

    Purchasing the most popular tickets is another crucial factor that depends on the time at which it is done. Whether it is the initial on-sale, the second on-sale, third on-sale, pre-sale to the first show, or pre-sale to the second show, the general on-sale is your chance to get tickets still. There is usually a specific time at which the tickets go on sale, commonly 10:00 am of the local venue time; set an alarm to ensure that you are at the ticket site on time. For instance, one may arrive five or even two minutes late, which can be the determining factor between getting a ticket and not getting one. The reason is that, unlike with many tickets or coupons, hundreds of thousands of fans are competing for the tickets at the exact time, so first come, first served.

    Use Ticket Limits

    If you are lucky enough to go through to buy the tickets, always ensure you respect the ticket limits per person. They do this so that more fans get a chance to buy tickets and not find them all being sold to by the ticket resellers. If the limit is 4 tickets, don’t be tempted to buy 5 or 6 tickets. Instead of being able to buy more or trying to “get around it”, your order will be cancelled if it is found to be beyond the limits. To increase the chances of your order going through, make sure that the amount of food per person does not exceed the limit.

    Avoid Reseller Sites

    After an event appears on the main ticket seller website as'sold out,’ you may begin noticing sites like StubHub or Vivid Seats fill with listings. Do not patronize these reseller sites, as they usually offer ticket prices that are way higher than the initial face value. It is highly risky to purchase tickets from such sources since there is no assurance that they are genuine tickets and you will most probably be forced to part with more cash whether or not the tickets are authentic. Do not purchase any tickets from secondary markets, as there may be additional inventory released in the future.

    Follow Social Media Announcements

    There may also be special additional announcements of more shows as well as additional ticket releases, which are usually posted on the artists’ or venue’s social media accounts. It’s important to remain a fan of the artist, band, venue, promoter and even the opening acts on your favorite social media platforms. This helps in getting notified in the event that the ticket is being sold or when there is any other opportunity to purchase tickets after the on-sale passes. A tweet in which you announce you have been given a few tickets or a post that you are selling a limited number of tickets on Instagram or Facebook may be your ticket to success.

    Wait for the Public sale Providing the Public sale can take more time compared to the other options since it involves making the tickets available to the general public.

    Anytime you fail to make the presale and maybe even the first one on sale, there is always the next best thing. Large scale concerts often make ticket releases in the days leading up to event dates to accommodate production needs for added seating arrangements. Do not get them just before the show starts or well ahead of the box office public onsale period, which is usually a week to two weeks before the show. In the meantime, do not purchase tickets at hugely inflated prices. One can be lucky to find new seats at the standard price during this time and this might even be at the standard price.

    Purchase Fan to Fan

    Fan-to-friend platforms and fan-to-fan options such as Lyte help you shop safely with verified resale tickets directly from fans who cannot attend. This is an ethical version of reselling sites where you might find such products at next-to-nothing prices. Fan exchange programs make promises of real and authentic tickets that are being sold by actual fans who decided to sell due to various circumstances, such as not being able to make it to the event anymore and would like to recover some of the money used to buy the tickets. Buy from another fan-where there is a sense of integrity and people are genuinely invested in the platform and its success.

    Consider Ticket Packages

    Even if prices seem rather steep, and you do want those seats, look up VIP packages available from the artist or the promoter. Besides, lower ticket prices raise the number of customers who can afford a show; nonetheless, meet and greets, merchandise bundles, special experiences at a concert, or limited edition items that come with a ticket justify higher pricing. Packages also often contain the earliest access to buy, which precedes any presale instances. In the case where you planned a specific number of dollars for a show, package deals may get you a seat at a higher price that allows for a better concert experience.

    Even as we find ourselves in high-stakes concert environment in present day, it feels as if we are in championship-level sport, The right measures will still produce game-winning tickets. Through smart planning, patience, and using insider tricks, it is possible to outsmart the scalpers and secure the seats for the face value price. By doing research beforehand and preparing to act quickly, live music opportunities can be captured for your reminiscing pleasure without breaking the bank.