Do concert tickets get lower day of?

  • Posted on: 11 Jul 2024
    Do concert tickets get lower day of?

  • Can I get some cheaper concert tickets the morning of the event?

    Every music lover knows the annoying fact that tickets to a concert are released and are quickly sold out for a long time before the actual concert is to happen. You have probably asked yourself if staying to the last minute might be advantageous in terms of finding better seats? This blog post will examine the truth about whether concert tickets do indeed get cheaper closer to the date and time of the event.

    Last-Minute Discount Myth

    It is widely believed that tickets will predictably decrease in price the closer it get to the date of the event. In fact, chances of getting last-minute deals depends strictly on the artists and their venues or whether they are available or not. In very high demand shows, especially in theatre houses and other small halls, ticket prices are often higher on other third-party selling platforms up to the time of the show. The best seats are usually used for high ticket prices and don’t reduce in price throughout the course of the day.

    However, for larger arenas and lower-demand concerts, two scenarios can bring price drops.

    The Primary Ticket Market: Artists and promoters sometimes introduce some ticket blocks on the later stage of the sale process to create demand. New releases may also provide more affordable tickets than before, especially during the initial few hours.

    The Secondary Market: The tickets are bought in advance with the purpose of reselling them and this is a risky investment that every speculator takes. However, the laws of supply and demand come into force as the event approaches. But situations with high inventory levels nullify the effect, leading to low resale prices.

    Thus, although LAA (Last Available Accommodation) transactions may occur occasionally, relying on cheap tickets is highly dangerous. If you wait, then you risk never getting the chance at all, or else the costs would be significantly higher.

    When Initial On Sale Provides the Highest Customer Value

    It was also characteristic that the best ticket value could be achieved, in most cases, during the first sale. Theaters are flexible and have adopted different prices that depend on the number of tiers and the availability of the seats. Prices during these pre-sale periods are much lower, especially for members of the fan clubs, and those who own credit cards are given preference in their choice of seats.

    In the early stage of venue establishment, the venue owners want to gain popularity and occupy their seats as soon as possible. Consumers who buy immediately get early access to the lowest prices and other preferred seating that the resellers themselves cannot grab. In most cases, there are increases in the costs of undertaking a project in the future whenever a person procrastinates.

    The idea of booking early also entails risking that the event will occur at the scheduled time. This is particularly true and was evident in the COVID-19 pandemic, where most live performances were cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled. Consumers who had tickets as proof of purchase were taken through a long process to get their money back. Nevertheless, if one wants to get the most favorable or ‘best’ shot at affordable seats, then early commitment is the way to go.

    Waiting for Deals: This comes with no Guarantees

    Evaluating the victory of waiting for the right time to purchase the tickets is a very risky business. Observing the listings on resale sites is not a smooth-sailing process that needs a pinch of luck, and sometimes it can be time-consuming. There’s no guarantee that cheaper alternatives will appear sometimes.

    In many cases, artists with long career backgrounds, whose touring activities are not frequent or even those who do not have any final concert tours, remain popular for a long time. For example, ticket resale prices were approximately doubled in some of the stations of the multi-year tour, known as “Yellow Brick Road Tour” by Elton John. Super groups like Eagles, Rolling stones and other vintage artists are quite expensive to book. Such events include Coachella, major festival line-ups, performances, etc.

    On the other hand, artists that are new into the market or those who frequently perform shows experience a drop in the secondary market value of their pictures. It also gives buyers a chance to change their ticket purchasing decisions when there is hype and they are able to negotiate better terms.

    Resale Market Risks

    Buying medicines through other sites with the intent of making the purchase at the last minute entails a lot of risks since one is likely to be defrauded. Most resellers have a policy of electronic delivery of tickets, where the ticket is deactivated if the seller is unable to deliver the ordered products. But fake tickets are also always present, and those who bought such a ticket are left without it at the venue’s gates.

    Other secondary platforms, such as StubHub, have buyer protection measures and/or guarantee that they will compensate the buyer if they do not get what they paid for. However, fees, shipping and tight timing margins of the project introduce more risks and costs to it.

    Advice on getting cheap tickets and offers

    For thrifty concert-goers willing to play ticket roulette, some options may deliver big savings.

    For several venues, directly check for seat releases that are usually released a day before.

    It is always advisable to use fan forums if one wishes to engage in below-face ticket transfers.

    While launch promotions and brand awareness are critical elements in pre-selling, it is vital for developers to involve rewards programs and email lists.

    Check venue's social media account for special promotion codes

    Look in local classified sections such as Craigslist, where fans are likely to come and sell excess stock.

    When browsing through Resale Platforms, one must employ pricing filters and comparison tools

    Use a reminder to alert you whenever the price of the tickets you wish to buy drops.

    Taking the time to check at venue box offices or wandering around event sites in search of scalpers can also help one find discounts. Simply be cautious of scams; there are few things you should know.

    A good example is when it is possible to get good accommodation in the last minute at a very cheap price; this is not very reliable. Super-fans who want the best seats and protection from ticket scalpers and overpriced tickets must stay informed on when and how to purchase tickets. If you wait for these deals to come your way, then you will be waiting for a long time.