Are tickets really cheaper on Tuesday?

  • Posted on: 05 Jul 2024
    Are tickets really cheaper on Tuesday?

  • Is it true that ticket prices are the lowest on Tuesdays?

    Maybe you have come across the statement that Tuesday is the most appropriate day when you should purchase an airplane ticket or book a hotel room because the prices will be reduced. But is there some grain of substance in this myth that tickets are cheaper on Tuesday? Let's investigate.

    Myth: Today is Tuesday, so the price must be cheaper Myths About the Price We Pay

    But where did this belief originate that prices come down to on Tuesdays? There are some possibilities of where it can originate. One is that it comes from the travel industry, which is the industry most directly affected by the phenomenon. Carriers, hotels and OTA’s target audiences understand that many people are under this impression, and thus contribute to such misinformation by advertising and posting on social media. They could intentionally reduce some of the products’ prices on Tuesday or have sale alerts in their emails on that day, contributing to the myth.

    There is another possible source and that is that the information that airfare was once available on Tuesdays can be considered. And so, on this weekday, new flight inventory with those low contracted fares would be offered for sale for the next couple of years. This is not the case today, with the increased flexibility of the booking systems and pricing models offered in the modern world. Yet the myth has remained for years now, despite this change.

    Trends that can be observed in the data on Tuesday price patterns

    Nonetheless, in the same month when data scientists and travel industry analysts have investigated this topic thoroughly, they have not observed any systematicity in Tuesday as the day with the best bargains. For example, the major carriers, such as Delta and Southwest, report that there is no variation in ticket prices between Tuesday and other days of the week. This is same regardless of whether it is a domestic or international flight.

    Many meta-search portals, including Kayak and Expedia, have conducted research for several years on flight and hotel prices. They did not identify a universal trend of fares being cheaper on Tuesday than other similar schedules that may be purchased on other weekdays. This was evident on airfares, hotel accommodation prices, vacations prices and cruises.

    Critical Drivers That Truly Determine Ticket Price

    Rather than the day of the week, there are several other factors that influence airline and hotel pricing and sales cycles, including:Rather than the day of the week, there are several other factors that influence airline and hotel pricing and sales cycles, including:

    • Seasonality: demand is concentrated in some months while it is low in others due to the effects of seasonal variation in price.
    • The actions of competitors: This is usually the case when one airline decides to lower the fares on a certain route, others follow suit.
    • Supply/demand: If a flight turns out to be less popular in terms of occupancy, then the low rates could come up.
    • Time of booking: The hotels have a tendency to provide their clients with lower charges if they are to stay for several days.
    • Group/convention bookings: Related to the previous point, if groups plan to book many rooms at once, the prices increase.
    • Seasonal variations: They apply high rates during holiday or festive seasons and other events.

    For this reason, rather than waiting for Tuesday fare drop, the better way to reduce your fares is to be flexible. The fact is, it is better to travel during low season or stay longer to get a discount at the hotel. As well as stay tuned to the fare deals on the booking sites, as those can roll in at any time.

    Is It Possible to Find Any Promising Travel Deals on Tuesdays?

    Now, I am not saying it can be impossible to get good travel deals on Tuesday. However, it is also only natural to find that sometimes airlines schedule weekly sales or specials that are effective starting Tuesday. Some low-cost airlines operating within europe, such as RyanAir, have Tuesdays as its discounted offer day. Not only that, even the major American airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) have joined the bandwagon by coming up with some sales and promo codes on that day as well.

    Nonetheless, the business experts suggest that one should be very careful with those Tuesday offers. I have seen that the discounts are tiny or it apply only to a few seats and certain dates. It is all more a gimmick to market what is being sold than the real thing. Although used independently, the tactic does command customer attention; it does so even more when employed hand in hand with the Tuesday pricing myth.

    Two Options of the Bottom Line for the Best Day for Booking

    So at its lowest, is Tuesday really the most effective day to purchase plane tickets and hotel accommodations? Analyzing the data based on several sources, including industry statistics, analyst’s opinions, and data from travel providers, it is regrettable but possible to state that Tuesday cannot be considered as the best day for purchasing the necessary travel services since it does not guarantee better prices than on other days. In other words, it can be stated that no definite preference can be given to certain days of the week because the target opportunity to save money is approximately equal.

    Effort is better spent running searches for the best possible deals irrespective of the day they are being offered, even changing dates to see which day offers the best deal, and also comparing offers across various providers. Although it is wise to keep your temper for Tuesday discounts, it is also advisable to look out for sales anytime of the week and specific short-term promotions that can help you save money. Also subscribe to providers’ e-mails and rates and promotions as well. The travel industry and its deals: In the current world, it is possible to find that some of the deals can occur at any time of the week.